Technology requires knowledge and expertise more than it requires money.

We envision, design, deploy and manage technology infrastructures for communication service providers and enterprises.

Technical experience & capabilities

Areas of major expertise are

Man Power Out Sourcing, Project Supervision & Consulting Services ,Site Acquisition, Government & Private Approvals - NOC’s,Title Verification, Mechanical & Electrical Services, Telecom Equipment Installation& Commissioning, Electrification Services ,Gen Set & Air Cons’ Services & Installation, Survey & Audits,Materials Supply.

Strengths’ within major area of expertise are

Quality processes for all the key functions of a service oriented organization. Turnkey telecom project implementation skills Equipped with necessary test equipments. Maintaining long-term relationships with customers “Customer for life” Extensive knowledge & experience in interfacing with various types of telecom systems cost effective telecommunication systems integration solutions Above all our professional approach & customer satisfaction attitude helps us score better than our competitors.

Strengths’ within area of additional expertise are

Micro World is proud of its human capital that has been toiling consistently for better performance & has risen to the challenges faced by the organization time to time in a successful manner. Our human capital is our key strength. We have always strived to create a favorable environment that encourages innovation within our organization. We possess cross-disciplinary skills within Micro World team being a technologically based service 3 organization. Micro World takes pride in providing the most flexible, professional & highly skilled personnel in the telecommunication industry. A highly mobile staff allows the optimum usage of a wide spectrum of specialized communication skills. Our work force skill set is neutral with regard to manufacturer equipment & adaptable to new technologies. With minimal basic training & a detailed method of procedure, we supply the required skills for installation of new technology quickly & efficiently.

Preferred scope of work for Mobilink

Man Power Out Sourcing, Project Management & Supervision, Planning & Optimization, Site Acquisition, Government & Private Approvals - NOC’s,Title Verification, Energization, Mechanical & Electrical, Telecom Equipment Installation& Commissioning, , Electrification, Survey & Audit,Materials Supply.

Willingness / limitations for turnkey services (competence development needs)

With vast & rich experience the company has attained in operating in all types of terrain ranging from far flung areas in the deserts to mountainous regions, from modern city regions with high rise buildings to ancient towns with outdated buildings. Micro World always came out with the best solutions. Our superior management, sound administration & a team of carefully selected associates for carrying out surveys & tasks not only fulfill the technical requirements of the telecommunication network planners but also satisfied our valued clients, the local administration as well as the residents of the region. The company is a leading organization with the ability to plan, design, deploy, develop, integrate, maintain, manage, monitor, support, & optimize communication systems across the country. With rich experience in communications infrastructure, the company provides support to the highest standards of performance & reliability demanded by network operators, service operators, service providers, technology manufacturers & system integrators.